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Satisfactory Academic Progress

Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal, State and University aid require that SAP be maintained. See below for more details.


Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that UCR monitor your progress toward completion of your degree or program as a condition of continued financial aid eligibility. All financial aid recipients must be in compliance with UCR's Financial Aid Office Policy on Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). If satisfactory academic progress is not being made, you will become ineligible for financial aid. The general satisfactory academic progress requirements for financial aid recipients include:

  • Maintaining a minimum grade point average:
  1. The Financial Aid Office reviews your cumulative GPA at the end of the spring quarter each year. In order to meet satisfactory academic progress minimum GPA requirements, students must have the following cumulative GPA at the end of spring quarter 2014 for continued eligibility in 2014-15:

                 -2.00 for undergraduate students
                 -2.00 for Teaching Credential students
                 -3.00 for 4th and 5th year Biomedical Sciences students
                 -3.00 for graduate students

  • Completing a minimum number of units for credit each quarter to maintain SAP pace(units completed divided by units attempted).
  • Succesfully completing at least 10 units per quarter to meet the cumulative minimum unit requirement, Undergraduate Yearly Progress Table.
  • Completing your degree objective within the maximum time.

Undergraduate - Federal regulations limit the maximum time frame for an undergraduate student to complete his or her degree to 150% of the published length of the program.  Our published time frame to complete a bachelor’s degree is four years (or 12 quarters), based on UCR's commitment to Finish-in-Four campaign that requires 15 units per quarter. The federal maximum time frame for a student to receive federal and state aid is six years based on 12 units per quarter (or 18 quarters).  UCR uses an initial maximum time frame of 16 quarters for a student to complete a degree as its baseline policy.  Once the student has completed the equivalent of 18 full time quarters, he or she becomes ineligible for all state, institutional, and federal aid.  However, additional quarters will be granted for majors requiring more than 180 units.  All quarters and transferred attempted units are counted toward the maximum quarters of eligibility, regardless of whether financial aid was received during those periods of enrollment.


Total Quarters Enrolled Minimum Cumulative Units Completed Quarters of Eligibility Remaining
1 9 17
2 18 16
3 27 15
4 36 14
5 45 13
6 54 12
7 63 11
8 73 10
9 83 9
10 93 8
11 103 7
12 113 6
13 123 5
14 134 4
15 146 3
16 156 2
17 168 1
18 180 0


Entering Freshman Students entering college for the first time after graduation from high school with less than 9 transfer units are eligible to be considered for financial assistance for 18 quarters.
Transfer Students Your previous attendance at other post-secondary institutions is considered in determining the number of quarters in which you may be considered for assistance at UCR. The total number of units accepted as transfer by the UCR Admission Office is divided by 12 units. The result is rounded down to the nearest whole number and deducted from 18 quarters. This result is the total number of quarters of eligibility which you have upon entering.
Second Baccalaureate Students Students working towards second undergraduate degrees are eligible to be considered for financial assistance for one or two years (depending on the terms of their admission).

Graduate and Teaching Credential student limits are as follows:

Teaching Credential Program - Students working towards their teaching certification credentials are eligible to be considered for financial assistance for the following number of quarters:

3 Quarters Multiple Subject Credential, Single Subject Credential and all other programs not specifically listed below
6 Quarters Learning Handicapped Credential, Severely Handicapped Credential, Multiple Subject Bilingual Credential, Single Subject/Learning Handicapped Credential, and Single Subject/Severely Handicapped Credential
9 Quarters Multiple Subject Bilingual/Learning Handicapped Credential, Multiple Subject Bilingual/Severely Handicapped Credential, Multiple Subject/Learning Handicapped Credential, Multiple Subject/Severely Handicapped Credential

Master's  Degree - Students working towards their master's degrees are eligible to be considered for financial assistance for the following number of quarters:

6 Quarters All other majors not specifically listed below
7 Quarters Botany, Geography, Geological Science, and Plant Science
8 Quarters Management

Medical Program - 4th and 5th year Biomedical Sciences students working towards their medical degrees are eligible to be considered for financial assistance for 6 quarters beginning with admission to the Medical program.

15 Quarters Anthropology, Applied Statistics, Biochemistry, Biomedical Sciences, Botany, Chemistry, Economics, Education, Environmental Toxicology, Genetics, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Soil Science, Theoretical Physics, and all other majors not specifically listed below  
17 Quarters Entomology, Geological Science, History, and Population Biology  
18 Quarters Biology, Comparative Literature, Dance, English, Experimental Physics, Philosophy, Plant Pathology, Sociology, and Spanish


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Satisfactory Academic Progress Deficiencies

The requirements for undergraduate and graduate student satisfactory academic progress are monitored at the end of each academic year. The Financial Aid Office will verify your cumulative GPA and unit totals with the UCR Registrar's Office at the end of spring quarter. You will be required to make up any deficiencies before you will be allowed to receive any additional assistance, including funds that would be used to pay your fees.

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Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals Process

If you fail to maintain satisfactory academic progress, you will be sent information regarding the appeals process during the summer. After failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress, you will generally be considered for financial aid only when one of the following conditions have been met:

  • Sufficient units have been completed and/or the minimum grade point average requirement have been satisfied.
  • It is established through the financial aid appeals process that you encountered an extenuating circumstance (i.e. prolonged hospitalization, death in the family, etc.) that hindered your academic performance during the quarters in question.

Students who are approved for continued financial assistance through the appeals process will be placed on a quarterly probation. Aid for subsequent quarters will be terminated if you do not comply with the terms of your probation.

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Unit Evaluation

Remedial Courses- Workload units for remedial courses, which are recognized by the Registrar's Office in measuring a student's enrollment status, are accepted for purposes of calculating the number of units completed.

Grade Evaluation- Units for the following grades are not counted toward meeting the unit completion requirements.
F - Failure
I - Incomplete
NR - No Report
NC - No Credit
IP - In Progress
W - Withdrawal
Repeat Courses - Repeat of a D grade

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Quarter Limits

It is your responsibility to ensure that degree requirements are met within the time frame allowed. Our office will notify you when you have completed the maximum number of quarters allowed. Federal regulations limit the number of quarters that a student may qualify to receive federal student aid funds. UCR is required to count all terms of attendance, including quarters in which you did not receive financial aid. In general, undergraduate students may qualify to receive, federal, state, and institutional awards for the equivalent of 18 full-time quarters of enrollment. Students who are enrolled for more than 18 quarters are ineligible for all federal, state, and institutional aid, but may qualify for alternative loans. 

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